Support the Office for Community-Based Tourism for poverty reduction at Mai Hich commune, Hoa Binh Province

On the 2nd October 2015, COHED Center organized the handing-over ceremony of  its field office which was built and managed by COHED center since 2011 to  the People’s Committee of Mai Hich Commune  as Community-based Tourism Office  where the information on the local tourism services and support to tourists will be provided.

Attending the ceremony were representatives of Hoa Binh Provincial Farmers Association and the People’s Committee of Mai Chau District along with other stakeholders and government departments, social mass organizations and people in Mai Hich commune. In his opening speech, Mr Nguyen Van Hoan – Deputy chairman of Mai Chau People’s Committee expressed his  strong belief  that with the support of COHED and the commitment of the  local authorities and residents, Mai Hich communes will continue to achieve great success in community-based tourism service for the poverty reduction.

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